Munich Frontend Conference 2019

27 April 2019
9:30 - 18:00
An international conference focused on frontend concepts and technologies around JS/HTML/CSS. Two tracks of talks by speakers from all over the world.
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16 Talks
2 Tracks
3 Trainings

Confirmed Speakers


Works on V8 at Google and on ECMAScript through TC39

Munich, Germany



Works as a full-stack web developer (ex-Atlassian, currently at with a strong passion for learning and teaching

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands


Senior Front-end Engineer at Netcentric with a focus on Mobile Apps built with Nativescript and Angular.

Barcelona, Spain



Sr. UX Designer at Amazon working on the Seller Mobile app and focusing on building scalable cross-platform design systems

San Jose, CA



A software engineer at Rent the Runway and conference speaker

New York, USA

Rent the Runway


Author of @nuxt_js and community partner of @vuejs

Bordeaux, France

CMTY, Collaborative Platform for Open Source Projects


A developer, a speaker and an organizer of both MunichJS and the Vue.js Munich user group and a member of the JSKongress conference’s program committee.

Munich, Germany



Fullstack developer & Web Performance Evangelist @Theodo. Organizer of the Meetup

Paris, France



Cloud Solution Architect with Design and Full-Stack Development experience. Previously failed entrepreneur and drove IT-Transformation at Allianz Germany.

Munich, Germany



Full-stack software developer at YLD. Helping clients win with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Node.js, and RxJS.

Manchester, United Kingdom



Developer Advocate at Microsoft with a focus on web (TypeScript and React/Redux) as well as Rust

Berlin, Germany



Specialist Senior Manager Software Developer at Deutsche Telekom, tries to improve our lives by working on Deutsche Telekoms Smart Home platform Qivicon

Köln, Germany

Deutsche Telekom

Conference Program

The agenda is not final and can change to address speaker.

Full day trainings, April 26

not included in the price of the conference ticket

Understanding CSS Layout – From inline elements to Flexbox and CSS Grid

This full-day workshop is a comprehensive and in-depth look at CSS Layout.

Flexbox and CSS Grid we’ll be our main focus, but we’ll be looking at them in context to understand how they play with each other and with the other layout modes. We’ll also look at grid usage in design and venture into a more artistic area with CSS Shapes.

Your coach:

Eugene Rabinovitch

Software engineer, worked at Microsoft and Autodesk in Canada, then switched to the web side of things. Has been a freelance web developer in Berlin, Barcelona, and Dublin for over 10 years. Currently works at InterNations, makes talks and workshops on CSS.

Webpage Loading Speed in Perfection

Website speed is the first impression we are making to our audience online, based on which visitors make an instant judgment about the business. A fast website not only makes it feel professional and reliable but also motivates people to interact with it, because low latency defines the engagement.

The goal is to learn how to use speed optimization methods and integrate them easily while realizing what exactly would it bring.

Your coach:

Anton Caceres

Full-stack developer, running a web-agency in Munich and shaping the local tech community. Founder of Fullstack Events, an organization doing meetups, workshops, and conferences. Always happy to share and learn.

Develop Progressive Web Apps for iOS and Android

Serving a mobile-first and performant web app is now a must for every successful business. Delivering changes ASAP becomes critical and, being supported on both, iOS and Android, progressive web apps are the best solution to all of these challenges.

This full-day workshop will teach you how to build a PWA, that will not depend on any framework, understand limitations and implement workarounds.

Your coach:

Victor Razumov

Viktor Razumov is a full-stack Javascript developer at an AI startup based in Munich, Germany. Originally from Russia, he has lived in Dubai, Tbilisi and Moscow, working as business analyst, developer and entrepreneur. Besides teaching JS to his 2y old son, his main focus is better processes and communication in the teams and companies he works at.

Design Thinking for Developers

Design Thinking is more creative and user-centered than traditional design approach. It helps to solve so-called ill-defined problems, where both the problem and the solution are unknown at the outset of the problem-solving process.

You will learn and practice 6 main phases of DT: understanding, observation, point of view definition, ideation, prototyping, testing. You'll get the theory intro to every step and train with your personal ideas.

Your coaches:

Denise Wildner

Lead Design Thinking coach and Senior User Experience Designer at SAP CX in Munich. As guest lecturer, at TUM for Computer Science and Digital Product School by UnternehmerTUM, she's supporting students in creating innovative, user-centric solutions.

Uliana Andriieshyna

User Interface Developer at SAP CX, passionate about beauty on the Web and dedicated to building a great user experience. Two Master degrees, leading the Munich Frontend Meetup and organizing conferences in Munich.


Microsoft Germany

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, Walter-Gropius-Straße 5, 80807 München, Germany

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