December 8-9 , 2017

Munich Frontend Conference 2017

A day to upgrade your Frontend skills.

An annual conference focused on frontend technologies, covering the whole stack from Javascript to UX and Web design.

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First confirmed speakers

Violet Peña

Immersed in both web and installation development, creates things such as the Emotobooth, which has traveled to conferences worldwide, including Google I/O.

Portland, USA

Luciano Mammino

Software Developer at Planet 9 Energy, co-author of “Node.js design patterns” 2nd edition, maintainer of Fullstack Bulletin.

Dublin, Ireland

Ryan Chenkie

Google Developer Expert, developer Advocate at Auth0, author of Securing Angular Applications. Works mostly with Angular and Node.

Ottawa, Canada

Benedikt Meurer

Works at Google leading the JavaScript Execution Optimization Team, working on the V8 engine that powers Node.js and Chrome.

Munich, Germany

Srushtika Neelakantam

Developer Evangelist at deepstreamHub, co-author of “Learning Web-Based Virtual Reality” published by Apress. A longtime contributor and tech-speaker at Mozilla.

Berlin, Germany

Jared Faris

Microsoft MVP and the VP of Technology and Solutions at HMB. His focus is on building great development teams through training, mentoring, and prodigious amounts of caffeine

Columbus, USA

Want to be a speaker? Our CFP runs until October 15, 2017.

Our Talks

The conference is featuring 12 talks, combining the experience from industry-leading tech companies, scientists and freelancers.

The conference is focused on following topics:


Trainings are offered one day before the conference. Choose a topic and sign up for a full-day in-depth workshop with our professional tutors.

Use Flexbox and Grid with confidence

by Eugene Rabinovitch,

Software engineer, worked at Microsoft and Autodesk in Canada, then switched to the web side of things. Has been a freelance web developer in Berlin, Barcelona, and Dublin for over 10 years. Currently works at InterNations, makes talks and workshops on CSS.

Webpage Loading Speed in Perfection

by Anton Caceres,

Full-stack developer, running a web-agency in Munich and shaping the local tech community. Founder of Fullstack Events, an organization doing meetups, workshops, and conferences. Always happy to share and learn.

More workshops to come!


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