March 20, 2020

10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Design Thinking for Developers

Uliana Andriieshyna

User Interface Specialist at SAP CX. Passionate about beauty in Web and human-driven development. She led internal DT Workshops for SAP colleagues and previous 2 Design Thinking workshops at FrontConf 2017&2019 (see twitter feedback). Other than that she is leading an International Frontend Developer Meetup (2000+ subscribers) and a core organizer of FrontConf overall. 

Alice Günes

Design Thinking coach and Presales Specialist at SAP Customer Experience of entire Germany. In her role, she is helping customers to find the perfect SAP CX modules and is further supporting them in creating innovative, user-centric solutions. Experienced in Design Thining workshops with existing customers and passionate all around Design Thinking and helping people to drive the innovation.


Design Thinking is a creative and user-centric way to innovation. It is a method to identify and solve real user problems. In this 1-day workshop you will learn and apply the six main phases of DT, mainly, understand the problem, observe the user, define point of view, brainstorm ideas, prototype and validate your solution.

Come with an open mind and leave your laptop behind.

Within 1-day Workshop you will learn main 6 phases which define a complete process of DT: understanding the problem, observation, define the point of view, ideation, prototyping, testing. You'll have the theory intro to every process step and practical part to bring your personal ideas in.

Requirements: Openess and good mood. No laptop needed