Saturn Room
March 21, 2020

10:25 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Video Killed My Data Plan: Delivering video that doesn't break the bank

Doug Sillars

Doug is a freelance mobile performance expert, studying the intersection of media and web performance. A Google Developer Expert and the author of O’Reilly’s “High Performance Android Apps,” Doug regularly speaks at conferences, and blogs at He is currently working as a freelance digital nomad, traveling with his family in Europe.


Video is one of the best ways to engage with your audience. But unoptimized video can take forever to startup and can stall, increasing frustration and abandonment. I’ll discuss video delivery best practices to make sure your video content is delivered beautifully and quickly without stalling.

Video is one of the fastest growing mediums on the web and in mobile applications. Video files have been shown to increase engagement, and can be a great way to deliver your message quickly. (And who doesn’t love animated GIFs?)

However, video that takes a long time to start up leads to frustration and abandonment. The same goes for video that stalls during playback. In this talk, you’ll learn best practices to optimize the delivery of your video to your customers, ensuring fast delivery and minimizing stalls for a great customer experience.