Saturn Room
March 21, 2020

2:10 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

A Hard Look at Progressive Web Applications

Brittany Bergin

Brittany works together with Maya at Wapatah: Centre for Indigenous Visual Knowledge at OCAD University. (It is a research center within OCAD).Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Maya Filipp

Maya is a lead developer at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. She has been involved in every stage of development of the Virtual Platform for Indigenous Art (VPIA), an open source, wiki-esque platform built using the MERN stack. She is passionate about giving people more access to knowledge and is adamant about protecting the Internet. When she’s not coding, she’s annoying people with lectures on history.


PWAs are getting a lot of buzz these days. But as an experimental web technology, there’s a few growing pains to be had. We report from the front lines - join us as we rant about the troublesome world of practical usage of PWAs alongside React.

This a discussion around Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). We walk you through what a PWA is, how they work, the huge potential for benefit, the limitations of the current browser implementations of them and practical advice from a real world project trying to use them.

The speakers have been working on an open source, MERN stack platform with a unique targeted audience - Indigenous users. Which means, any platform to be used on a regular basis must be able to withstand unreliable Internet connections - ergo Progressive Web Applications. The audience should hopefully walk away better prepared for the new world of offline applications.